Pet Groomer Accused Of 'Strangling' Pets Wants To Keep Working Until Trial

A woman in the U.S. who is facing a string of animal abuse allegations related to her pet grooming business has argued she should be allowed to continue working until her trial.

Michelle Burt, the owner of grooming business Paw Spa at Pasco in the Tri-Cities region of Washington, had been ordered to stay away from all pets as a condition of her release before her trial.

But Burt, who has denied the animal cruelty charges she is facing, argued in court that the condition was having a direct impact on her business.

According to U.S. media reports, Burt, who was charged in August last year, has been accused by customers of abusing their pets, with allegations she had hit animals with brooms and dug her nails into their genitals.

NBC reported one pet had allegedly been choked so badly by the accused that it needed almost a litre of fluid drained from its stomach.

Another reportedly claimed their cat was chemically burned by Burt during a flea bath.

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Burt's lawyer argued that she should be allowed to return to her job and said security cameras could be installed inside the store which would allow pet owners to keep an eye on their pets while they were being groomed, CBS affiliate reported.

On Tuesday a judge denied Burt's request to continue working, and said the conditions were put in place for the protection of the animals, reported.

She is due to face trial later this year.

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