Trevor, The World's Loneliest Duck, Dies After Dog Attack

The small island of Niue in the South Pacific Ocean is in mourning after the death of its only duck, Trevor.

The 'Trevor the Duck - Niue' Facebook page confirmed he had died after a dog attack on the weekend.

"We've had confirmed reports that Trevor the Duck - Niue has died," it said.

"He was seen dead in the bush after being attacked by dogs."

Image: Trevor the Duck - Niue Facebook

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Trevor arrived on the island last year during a storm, and soon became a local celebrity.

Thought to be originally from New Zealand, Trevor made his new home in a puddle on a road.

Locals would often leave food for Trevor and make sure his puddle had plenty of water.

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Last week, the Facebook page put out of call to followers after Trevor was not seen for nearly a week.

"I'm lost and can't find my Puddle. Has anyone spotted me this week around Niue?," it said.

Image: Trevor the Duck - Niue Facebook

The Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives, Trevor Mallard, sent his condolences

"Deepest sympathy to the people of Niue from the Parliament of New Zealand," Mallard said on Facebook.

Image: Trevor the Duck - Niue Facebook

Through the Facebook page, Trevor the duck became an ambassador for the island, and the page paid tribute to him, calling his death a "sad way" for his life to end.

He "won the hearts of so many locals and tourists, he became a global celebrity and promoter of Niue," it said.

"Taken too soon by a dog. Rest in Peace Trevor - you were a very cool duck!"