Plank Wars: Neighbours Hurl Fence Palings At Each Other

Two men were captured on camera hurling planks of wood over a backyard fence in what appears to be a neighbourly dispute.

It is unclear what prompted the dispute.

The video was posted to Twitter by a person who claimed to have filmed the ordeal from his grandmother's home. He said the dispute started at around 8am.

As the two men launched their wooden missiles at each other, a woman appeared in one of the yards and attempted to stop the pair from fighting. Her efforts, however, were short-lived.

She disappeared monetarily and returned with her own plank of wood which she promptly threw over the fence. The wood flew through the air in such an accurate trajectory that it sailed directly into the home of her opponent.

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Perched at their vantage point in a window above, a neighbour and his dog watched the commotion unfold.

The trio continued to throw the planks of wood until one of the parties retreated back into their home and slammed the door.

The lone man then appeared in his garden and calmly tossed the planks of wood back into his neighbours yard.

Now all we are left with is a much bigger question.

Featured Image: Twitter/@StokoeTaran. 

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