Friendly Neighbourhood Milkman Catches Falling Baby From Burning Apartment

A falling baby has been dramatically caught by a heroic milkman as it fell from a burning apartment.

Li Gang was in the middle of his delivery, in China's Heilongjiang Province, when he was told a woman was trapped in a nearby apartment with a baby.

The woman was found sitting on her apartment window sill, with her child wrapped in a swaddling cloth. Smoke was visible behind them.

Climbing on the top of his delivery truck, Li scampered onto the second-floor balcony to catch the baby dropped by the trapped mother, with help from colleagues.

Li catches the baby at the last second. (Image Chinese Central Television CCTV)

As the mother lowered the child, the infant slipped from her swaddling cloth and fell toward the ground, only for Li to react and catch her before she fell.

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Hanging off the second-floor balcony, he leaned forward to snatch the falling infant out of the air with one hand as she plummeted towards the ground.

The baby was taken to the ground safely wrapped in its swaddling cloth. (Image Chinese Central Television CCTV)

Quickly wrapping the baby up in the cloth dropped down by the mother, it was brought safely down to the ground.

No one was injured in the incident, with Li and another helper assisting the mother in getting out of the apartment before the fire was extinguished.

Feature Image: Chinese Central Television CCTV)

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