WATCH: A Cyclist Attacks Rideshare Driver In Busy New York City Traffic

New York City Police are searching for a bicyclist after he attacked a rideshare driver who jumped on top of his car in the middle of busy traffic.

It all started on New York's Fifth Avenue, where witnesses say the Lyft driver and the man on the bike got into an argument.

The Lyft driver then turned the car into a nearby street and got caught in traffic.

The bicycle rider followed him, then used a bike lock to smash the front and rear windows of the car, police said.

The 23-year-old driver managed to free himself from the car and was hit in the head by his attacker.

Police are searching for a man who attacked a rideshare driver. Image: New York Police Department.

The driver managed to flee the scene, while the bike rider jumped on top of his car and struck what witnesses called a "victory pose". Other drivers captured the moment the man was screaming and stomping while standing on the roof of the vehicle.

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The man jumped on top of the car and started stomping. Image: New York Police Department.

The victim of the attack was treated at a nearby hospital and was later released.

Police are still hunting for the man who is at the centre of the bizarre incident.

Featured Image: New York Police Department. 

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