Murderous Rats Are Taking Over A Tiny Italian Village

Crazy looking, fat, white rats have reportedly been jumping in front of cars and killing each other on the outskirts of the small Italian village of Gattolino.

"You see hundreds of rats running along the Via Medri, many of which are hit by cars and killed," municipal councilor in Cesenatico, Lina Amormino said.

"I have a feeling something happened, they seemed crazy, they bite and ate each other."

It's so bad, authorities in the northern Italian province of Cesena have launched a special task force with firefighters, policemen and sanitary inspectors all called in to get rid of the malicious rodents and to establish whether or not they are carrying diseases. 

It all sounds very zombie-like, really.

According to local media, the rats have likely come from a pigeon farm which was abandoned on December 31 and are in search of food.

Authorities have set up traps to catch the bulk of the rodents, but it's expected to take some time.

"In the past few days, 200 carcasses have been collected, while the 12 boxes with poisonous baits positioned in the area are fully functioning," Mayor Paolo Lucchi told Corriere Romagna.

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The owner of the farm is also being forced to get rid of all of the rats, remove every single carcass and ensure it never happens again.

Locals are hoping the nightmare will be over in the coming days.