WATCH: Digger Driver Smashes Through Hotel Foyer Over Pay Dispute

A construction worker in Liverpool, England, drove a digger into the entrance of a Travelodge Hotel after he reportedly wasn't paid properly for a day's work.

The moment he crashed through the entrance, shattering glass and snapping the metal door frames was captured on camera by a co-worker.

Someone in the background of the video can be heard shouting "that's what happens when people don't pay their wages" while someone else appears to shout "he's a sick man".

Other co-workers can be seen filming the incident as the man driving the digger breaks through the door and into the hotel foyer.

The man smashed through the door of the new hotel. Image: Twitter/Accidental Partridge

He then attacked what appears to be the reception desk, while a man starts knocking on the window of the vehicle trying to stop him in his destructive path.

According to the Mirror, Police were called to the scene of the incident. They found one man injured but the driver was nowhere to be seen. It appeared he had abandoned the digger and fled the scene.

The hotel was due to open its doors to the public soon, however, in light of the damage, the date has now been delayed.

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