Passengers Stuck On Plane For 14 Hours In Minus 20 Degree Temperatures

Passengers on a United Airlines flight were stuck on board for more than 14 hours in freezing weather.

It all started when the flight from Newark to Hong Kong was diverted to Goose Bay in Canada due to a medical emergency. The plane landed at about 9.30 pm and medical personnel removed the passenger who was taken directly to hospital.

As the flight was set to take off and continue to Hong Kong, a mechanical issue occurred with one of the plane's doors.

And so the waiting began.

The passengers were not allowed to leave the plane because the Canadian airport did not have customs officials working so late in the evening.

As the food supply started to dwindle so did the temperature.

Saturday turned into Sunday and all of the passengers on board the United plane were forced to sit though the night in -20 degree temperatures.

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As the hours in the freezing aircraft ticked by, some passengers took to Twitter to appeal to United Airlines for help.

Sonjay Dutt wrote that the plane's door was broken. He also said the food supply on board was getting very low. Goose Bay airport officials offered some reprieve on Sunday morning by delivering coffee and donuts from the famous Canadian coffee chain Tim Horton's to the stranded passengers.

After more than 14 hours, the passengers were able to disembark from the aircraft.

"Its been a long long long long day," Dutt tweeted.

CNN reports passengers were re-booked on flights to Hong Kong and refunded their original fares. They were also provided with travel and meal vouchers.

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