9/11 Survivor Dies In Hotel Terror Attack

Jason Spindler was among 21 people who were killed on Wednesday when Somali militants opened fire inside a hotel and office complex in Kenya's capital.

Terrified workers and guests were evacuated from the building while others hid under their desks during the attack, which has since been claimed by Al-Shabaab.

Kenyan Police chief Joseph Boinnet said the attack began with an explosion targeting cars, followed by a detonation from a suicide bomber before armed militants stormed the building and opened fire.

Spindler, a CEO of investment firm I-Dev International was killed alongside 20 others, including one Briton, 16 Kenyan nationals and three others of African descent who are yet to be identified.

Jason Spindler is being remembered as an 'amazing son, brother and uncle'. Image: Facebook

In a Facebook post his bother, Jonathan Spindler confirmed the former Peace Corp member was killed in the attack.

Spindler said his brother was "a survivor of 9-11 and a fighter".

"I am sure he gave them hell!"

He is being remembered by his family as an "amazing son, brother and uncle" as tributes poured in overnight from his friends, colleagues and his former university.

Spindler's mother Sarah Spindler also confirmed her son's death to NBC News and said the 40-year-old was "trying to make positive change in the Third World in emerging markets".

His father Joseph Spindler told the Houston Chronicle that the Nairobi attack had been his son's second encounter with terrorism.

The grieving father said his son was supposed to be in the World Trade Centre, where he worked on September 11 but had been running late and saw the first building go down when he came out of the subway.

Spindler's college roommate Kevin Yu told The Washington Post, that while others ran from the scene in 2001, Spindler immediately ran into the rubble and begun pulling people out.

Image: I-Dev International

"That’s exactly the kind of person he is,” Yu reportedly said.

Spindler's family is now making the harrowing journey to Africa to collect his body, according to reports.

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Details have also begun emerging of the other victims of the deadly attack.

Development professional Luke Potter had only recently moved to Nairobi from Britain and worked for Gatsby Africa as head of their forestry and tea portfolio.

“I strongly believe in the need for societies to offer as equal an opportunity as possible to all, and that, while economic competitiveness is essential to build a country, long-term stability is not achievable unless the gains are widely spread,” he said on the website.

Image: Reuters

Two Kenyan best friends were also killed while having lunch together on the hotel grounds when the suicide bomber struck.

Kenyan development professionals Abdalla Dahir and Feisal Ahmed, from consulting firm Adam Smith International (ASI), were described by friends and relatives as inseparable.

Image: Reuters

“They were so close, people said they would die together,” Ahmed’s brother-in-law Abdullahi Keinan said.

On Wednesday, their bodies left the mortuary together for a joint funeral.

Ahmed's widow is seven months pregnant.

This is not the first time Kenya has been targeted by al Shabaab.

In 2013 the group killed 67 people at the Westgate shopping centre and nearly 150 students at Garissa university in 2015.

Al Shabaab claims its attacks are revenge for Kenyan troops stationed inside Somalia, which has been torn apart by civil war since 1991.

Photo: Reuters.

On Thursday Kenya Police said five terrorists had been 'eliminated' following the attack.

Police also identified one of their own, an officer, who was also killed in the attack after succumbing to his injuries while undergoing treatment.

Twenty-eight others were admitted to hospital with injuries.

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