Floating Moon: Rare Spinning Ice Disk Forms In River

An incredibly rare, circular ice disk has formed in a river in the US state of Maine. 

The giant, slowly spinning disk has captured the attention of people all over the world. Measuring a whopping 91 metres wide, the disk has drawn comparisons to alien spacecrafts and carousels.

Many have also pointed out the disk's striking resemblance to the moon.

The rare ice disk in Maine, USA. Image: Reuters.

The disk is spinning due to temperature changes in the water below, according to the BBC. Ice was chipped off at the sides as the disk spun, which is how the circular shape formed.

The disk is 91 metres wide. Image: Reuters.

Authorities in the City of Westbrook were notified of the disk by a local and then used a drone to film the natural phenomenon before temperatures rise and it ultimately melts away.

Featured Image: Reuters. 

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