Gun Seized From Kindergarten Student Walking Into School

A handgun has been confiscated from a kindergarten pupil in the US who was walking into school, police say.

Police in Columbus, Ohio said someone reported that the boy appeared to have a heavy object in his pants.

They did not disclose whether the gun was loaded when it was safely taken from a six-year-old pupil at Columbus Africentric Early College on Friday.

A photo shared by police showed bullets with the seized firearm.

Police said the boy will not be charged because he is so young.

They are investigating where he got the weapon.

WBNS-TV reported that the principal said in a letter to parents the student "will face appropriate discipline" but did not specify what that would be.

Principal Tyree Pollard reiterated the Columbus school's zero tolerance policy on weapons and urged families to talk with children about keeping such items out of schools.