Child Dies After Falling Through Ice Into Frozen Lake

A nine-year-old boy has died after he fell through ice on a lake and into freezing waters. 

Jaden Stalsberg and his older brother were walking on a frozen lake in Perch Lake, Michigan on Sunday when they both fell through.

First responders were able to crawl onto the ice and rescue Jaden's 12-year-old brother, but it was too late for the younger boy.

It was only when they rescued the 12-year-old that "they found out his brother had gone in, too," Chief David Kuderer of the Sparta Police Department said.

It took divers 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach the nine-year-old, who they eventually located via special cameras. Jaden was airlifted to hospital in New York with life threatening injuries, but later passed away.

"The loss of a student is the hardest thing that we have to work through as a school district, as a community, and for the family," local superintendent Dr Amy Van Deuren said.

"Thoughts and prayers go out to them."

The staff and students in the Sparta Area School District are mourning the death of Jaden. School district authorities are making special efforts to offer support for those who need it in the wake of such a tragic death.

"That we're checking in, that we're messaging consistently to our students that we're helping them through it, that we're releasing appropriate information and respecting the wishes of the family," Van Deuren said.

Featured Image: WKBT

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