Japanese Billionaire Sets Record For The Most Retweeted Twitter Post Ever

Yusaku Maezawa offered one million Japanese yen (AUD$12,697.61) to 100 followers who retweeted his message.

Some would call that cheating, but 43-year-old Maezawa, with a fortune of around AUD$2.8 billion and ranked by Forbes as the 18th richest man in Japan can certainly afford it.

The tweet was centred around the sales figures of his online fashion mall, Zozotown.

In it, Maezawa told his followers he would contact the winning followers via direct message to retrieve their winnings.

With more than 4.3 million retweets, it now sits atop the list of most shared tweets ever.

It's overtaken Carter Wilkerson's #NuggsForCarter tweet asking fast food restaraunt, Wendy's for a year's supply of nuggets and Ellen DeGeneres' 2014 Oscars selfie.

Ellen DeGeneres' selfie is 3rd on the list of all time most retweeted tweets on 3.3 million retweets. (Image AAP)

The Japanese billionaire started out selling music from his favourite bands by mail from his home.

An art lover, in 2016 he spent around AUD$112 million on paintings by Pablo Picasso and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

This isn't the first remarkable story on Maezawa, who was announced as the first private customer to fly on Elon Musk's planned commercial trip around the moon in September last year.