'Please Take Care Of Sky': Dog Abandoned With Heartbreaking Note

An animal shelter has taken in one of its "most heartbreaking souls", after a homeless owner couldn't feed their pup.

The Delaware Humane Association appealed to the public on Facebook for donations to help Sky -- a six-year-old dog discovered on their property just after the New Year.

"Please take care of Sky," a note found in a bag attached to the dog read.

"She is 6 years old and friendly. I couldn't take care of her. I became homeless and couldn't feed her. She is not sick just hungry very friendly. Please find her a home please."

Sky was found with a note in a bag. Image: Delaware Humane Association

Photos of Sky included in the post show she is underweight, with her ribs clearly visible.

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The shelter urged people to refrain from posting negative comments about the person who surrendered Sky, saying "we can't imagine this was easy for her former owner".

"While we have all the questions in the world, we are just thankful this sweetheart made it to us before it was too late," they said.

Image: Delaware Humane Association

Sky was originally found by another dog at the shelter, roaming around a corner of the property wearing an "incredibly oversized" spiked, leather harness with a bag attached.

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Shelter staff have since visited a local homeless shelter in a bid to identify the owner, and have plans to visit more.

More than USD$1000 has been donated to the shelter to get Sky back in shape before she is hopefully moved on to a forever home.

Until then, the shelter has assured followers she is getting plenty of love and attention.

Image: Delaware Humane Association