Train Delay Scarf: Woman Records Commute Delays By Knitting

Most of us are no stranger to the frustration of a transport delay as we commute from A to B.

One woman in Munich, Germany used her frustrated energy to document her commute delays ... by knitting a scarf.

The woman is often delayed during her 40-minute commute to work and so, rather than sitting there on a stationary train and twiddling her thumbs, she put her time to good use.

The scarf is made up of three colours, each representing the length of the delay experienced.

Dark grey was used for delays five minutes or less, light pink for delays between five and 30 minutes, and red for a wait time of more than 30 minutes one-way. Each row of the scarf corresponds to one commute -- so two rows of knitting equates to one day of travel.

The woman's daughter, journalist Sara Weber, tweeted a number of images of the' Bahn-Verspätungsschal' (the train- delay scarf), which her mother knitted throughout the entirety of 2018.

German railway company Deutsche Bahn is often under fire for lengthy train delays and rail breakdowns.

"Early in the year, everything was okay. Plenty of grey and pink but then there was lots of red during the entire summer holidays," Weber wrote in a tweet on Monday.

"She hoped that by the end of the year the situation would get better. But there was more red ... she used six rolls of wool, but only half of those were grey."

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Weber said her mother's ticket season ticket cost more than 175 Euro ($AU 281) a month, but only half of the trips she took were delayed by less than five minutes.

Featured Image: Twitter/ Sara Weber. 

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