Defiant, Furious Football Fan Protests By Sitting On Roof Of Arsenal Bus

This bloke reckons his owners have taken his team for a ride. So he stopped the other team from going for one.

One brave soul in the English city of Blackpool has protested against his local club's ownership by perching on top of the away side's bus.

The Blackpool FC fan took his place on top of Arsenal's coach ahead of their FA Cup third-round tie.

His protest forced the away side to go to the match using a back-up vehicle.

When you can't find the door on the bus (Image AAP).

He was persuaded to come down from the coach after 40 minutes of negotiations with local police.

His protest was not the only one that took place on the day.

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Fewer than 4,000 Blackpool fans attending the match despite the prestigious opposition, in what was essentially a boycott.

It doesn't look quite as good when there's no one watching. (Image AAP)

The protests were aimed at the owners of the club, the Oyston family, who have been in almost constant conflict with the club over spending.

Blackpool was in the English Premier League as recently as 2011, but the club's fortunes have since dramatically declined.

With the club now in the English third tier, known as League One, it has fallen into disrepair, both on and off the pitch.

Even Blackpool pooches are getting in on the protest act (Image AAP)

The result didn't improve the home fan's mood as they went down 3-0, eliminating them from the world's oldest knockout competition.

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