Student Does A Runner After Racking Up $4K Restaurant Bill

Architect student Yahya Egeh had just $35 in his pocket when he walked into The Savoy in London to devour a burger on his birthday.

The money was a gift from the birthday boy's mum, while the venue was chosen by Egeh's friend Tallulah, who turned out to be a no-show.

Alone, on his birthday, Egeh panicked and ordered a bottle of 2004 Chateau Mouton Rothschild -- an award-winning wine bearing a label by the Prince of Wales himself and a AUD $3,130 price tag.

IMAGE: Facebook/FairmontSavoy

After receiving the eye-watering bill and calculating that the cash in his pocket would cover little more than 0.01% of it, the young man tried to make a run for it. But his subtle sneak-out failed when security at the luxurious hotel spotted him.

He was detained as officers were called in.

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His lawyer told the court he had admitted his wrongdoing and had apologised for what he died.

Egeh will be sentenced at the end of the week.

We can only assume the 20-year-old is now back to the cash-strapped student diet of noodles and toast.