Brits Lose Their Minds Over Vegan 'Sausage Rolls'

Iconic bakery chain Greggs has caused controversy in the UK, with the addition of a vegan sausage roll to its menu.

As the Brexit saga continues, the British public has been divided socially and politically like never before.

And now there's a new division -- vegan sausage rolls.

If you've ever walked down a street in the UK, you'll recognise the blue sign of 'Greggs' -- a British food institution.

Famous for its pastries and baked goods, it has caused quite the furore with the announcement of its new vegan-friendly offering.

The hashtag #vegansausagerolls trended on Twitter as the public voiced their strong opinions on the meatless pastry as the country went into meltdown.

The pastry earned the ire of British celebrity Piers Morgan, who tweeted his disdain at the menu addition.

"Nobody was waiting for a bloody vegan sausage, you PC-ravaged clowns," he said.

Greggs' social media manager -- who probably deserves a pay rise after this weekend -- executed a near-perfect clapback.

Other fast food companies joined in on the fun, sharing their own vegan items.

Following a barrage of hate, Morgan claimed he had been the victim of "corporate bullying".

"This is corporate bullying specifically designed to damage my mental health. I'm now a vegan victim," he said.

Far-right group the English Defence League (EDL) has also been caught up in the pastry controversy.

A doctored Facebook status made the rounds on social media, claiming the EDL would protest Greggs over the vegan pastry.

Photo: Dan Hett / Twitter.

The creator admitted to faking the post, but the damage had been done.

The EDL, co-founded by controversial far-right figure Tommy Robinson, was planning a protest -- just not about baked goods.

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The group met in Manchester for an anti-Europe rally, inspired by the ongoing 'Yellow Vests' protests in France.

They marched through Manchester until they were herded into one area by the police.

But in a brilliant comedic twist, the protest ended up outside -- yep, you guessed it -- a Greggs store.

Many confused witnesses started posting pictures of the group holding up signs with slogans like "Our Country Our Laws! Protect Our Sovereignty", believing the EDL has taken their vegan pastry hate to the streets.

Only there was no vegan hate, just a coincidence.

So far there has been no comment by the EDL on its views on quorn-filled pastries.

Feature Image: Greggs/ Twitter