Two Arrested For Bribing Life-Size Police Cutout

Two men were arrested after a video posted online showed them giving a bribe to a cutout of a police officer.

The pair reportedly faced charges of damaging public property, creating a bad image of and humiliating police.

The video shows a young man driving up to the police cutout on a motorbike and taking money out of his wallet before pretending to hand it to the dummy cop.

According to local media, Vavuniya police arrested the duo after the video popped up on social media.

The life-size cutouts were set up along the the main road to get the attention of drivers and control speed, according to Sri Lanka's Daily Mirror.

Image: Youtube (Lankadeepa Web)

But several social media users have slammed the police response to the incident and claimed the pair were highlighting corruption in the Sri Lankan police force.

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Featured Image: Youtube  (Lankadeepa Web)