Cathay Pacific Mistake Sees $22,000 Tickets Sold For Just $965

It was a deal too good to be true, but in this rare case, it was 100 percent legitimate. 

Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific sold first and business class tickets from Vietnam to New York for a measly $965 rather than the usual $22,000.

It turns out the reason for the outrageously cheap fares was a system error during their New Year's Eve sale.

Regardless of the error, Cathay Pacific has promised to honour the tickets sold at the cheap price. In a tweet the company admitted the mistake and said they "look forward to seeing you on board with your ticket issued".

They even hilariously hash tagged the comment "#lessonlearnt".

The crazy-cheap fares were initially reported by travel bloggers, who told their followers what an incredible deal this was.

Blogger Gary Leff wrote, "Oh my goodness this is an amazing fare".

But, he cautioned those who bought tickets to wait a few days before booking accommodation or making other non-refundable plans.

"Since we don’t know for certain how Cathay will feel about such a deep discount airfare sale, whether they might get seller’s remorse, I’d wait a few days after buying additional travel or making additional non-refundable plans around the fare,"Leff wrote.

Literally everyone who managed to buy a cheap first class fare. Image: Getty Images.

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But, it seems the flights will be honoured so those savvy travellers who managed to snap up the cheap deal can look forward to their first class treatment for only a fraction of the price.

Featured Image: Getty Images.

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