Terrifying Fire Tornado After Competition To Build A Bonfire Goes Wrong

An annual New Year competition between two Dutch villages over who can build the biggest bonfire took a frightening turn as flames began burning out of control.

Locals and visitors in the village of Scheveningen in the Netherlands had to run for their lives, as fire began flying across the village when a bonfire got out of control.

Terrifying footage from the incident shows the flames creating what appears to be a tornado of fire around the beach.

Image: Michael Sanderson / Ateles Films

It's believed the fire damaged a number of homes, shops, cars and bikes in the village, which forms part of The Hague municipality.

Scheveningen mayor Pauline Krikke said investigations would look into what caused the incident, and claimed the bonfire builders in both Scheveningen and Duindorp had "violated agreements with the municipality".

Destroyed bicycles are pictured after the New Years Eve beach bonfire went out of control. Image: Getty Images.

Footage from the town shows residents beginning the clean up as thick ash covered local streets and buildings.

According to local broadcaster Omreop West, the bonfire at Duindorp was at a record high with more than 100,000 wooden pallets towering nearly 50 metres above the ground.

People pile up wooden pallets prior to the traditional bonfire of New Year eve on the beach of Scheveningen. Image: Getty Images

The continuation of the annual tradition next year is now reportedly in jeopardy.

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Featured Image: Michael Sanderson / Ateles Films