'They're Easy Kids': Parents Refuse To Pay Babysitter After Working 8 Hours

Screenshots are important.

A babysitter who was working part-time to pay off her textbooks has apparently been refused payment by the family who hired her.

The unnamed woman spent eight hours looking after two children, to an agreed price of $16 per hour, totalling $128 for the day.

However, when she asked about payment, the parent refused, according to screenshots posted to Reddit.

Reddit user VortexThing posted a screenshot of the alleged conversation between their sister and the couple, in which the mother said she was "not aware payment was involved".

Incredibly, texts show the parents justifying the lack of payment because the babysitter got "free ice cream and a day of fun".

The babysitter said they had agreed she would be paid $16 an hour, to which the mother claimed she would need to see the evidence because she "deletes her messages often".

Then, in an  important lesson to always keep your receipts, the babysitter delivered, with a screenshot of earlier messages showing the mother clearly offering that amount.

Source: Reddit.

The babysitter even offered to accept $100, but stood her ground in receiving payment for her work.

"I'm sorry, but as much as I love seeing your kids I am doing this for payment. Exclusively," her message reads.

The mother said she would not be paying her for a single day work because "they're easy kids".

"You're acting kind of stuck up aren't you? Can we compromise at $20."

When the babysitter refused, the mother said she wished she didn't have "such a stuck up c**t" watching her kids, and blocked the number.

The thread has since gone viral on Reddit, with many users suggesting the woman take her issue to the small claims court and even suggesting Judge Judy should be involved.

Image: reddit

In a deleted follow-up, the user suggested their sister had been able to get in touch with the woman's husband, and after threatening the couple with a small claims lawsuit, she was quickly paid the full amount.

VortexThing confirmed to 10 daily they did not take any legal action and said the couple "reluctantly" gave them the money owed.

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