Ready To Drop Something 'Much Bigger': US Military Apologises For Bomb Tweet

The US Strategic Command has apologised for a tweet that appeared to joke about bombs.

The US agency responsible for overseeing America'a nuclear arsenal tweeted on New Year's Eve that is was "ready to drop something much, much bigger" than the ball in New York's Time Square.

"#TimesSquare tradition rings in the #NewYear by dropping the big ball...if ever needed, we are #ready to drop something much, much bigger," the now-deleted tweet read.

The Strategic Command said it was ready to drop something bigger than the Time Square ball. Image: Getty Images.

The tweet was posted just hours before New York City's annual Time's Square "ball drop" which marks the start of a new year. The tradition sees a brightly-coloured ball drop from a skyscraper along a pole, reaching the ground as the countdown to the new year finishes.

Following some online backlash to the original tweet, the US Strategic Command apologised on Tuesday, saying the bomb-related tweet didn't reflect their values.

Regardless of the correction, some Twitter users were still unhappy with the apparent bomb-related joke in the first place.

"If you can't be trusted with Twitter, how can we trust you with nukes?" one Twitter user wrote.

"It appears that we are always the ones who are threatening others. The greatest military in the world but we never win any wars," another wrote.

"Poor taste? Is that all you can say? Well at least it looks like your organisation and it's Commander-in-Chief are a perfect match," someone else replied.

However, the Strategic Command weren't the only ones posting strange tweets on the last day of 2018.

US President Donald Trump also tweeted a bizarre all-caps message to his followers.

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In his tweet, Trump wished the "haters and the fake news media" a happy 2019.

He also said the new year will be great for "those not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome".

'Trump Derangement Syndrome' is a phrase often used by Trump supporters to describe seemingly 'anti-Trump rhetoric'.

It's not the first time Trump has wished the so-called "haters" well during a major public celebration. In fact, he has frequently wished both "haters" and "losers" a Happy Easter or a Happy Father's Day -- even before he was president.

Featured Image: Getty Images/ Twitter. 

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