'Angry Little Boy' Doesn't Like His Christmas Presents, Calls Police

Christmas can be a magical time for young children, especially when they wake up to find presents from Santa.

Well, for one German boy, Christmas morning didn't quite go according to plan.

The nine year old was so enraged with his presents he called the police to report the apparent injustice.

Dialling the German emergency services hotline, he explained his predicament.

The boy called Police seeking help with this problem. Image: Getty Images.

Police from Oldenburg City, who were having a quiet day on the job, decided to visit the boy and fully investigate the problem.

When they arrived at the home, police found a" very angry little boy", according to a spokesman.

Playing along with the boy's outrage, the officers looked at the original Christmas list the boy had written to Santa and compared it to the gifts he received.

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After scrutinising the evidence, police explained to the boy that it was clear Santa must have confused his list with that of another child.

The boy seemed satisfied with the investigation's conclusion and thus, the dispute was resolved.

Featured Image: Getty Images. 

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