Suspect Arrested After Manchester Station Stabbing Declared A Terrorist Attack

A knifeman shouted "Allah" after attacking and stabbing three innocent commuters at a British train station.

Greater Manchester Police believe the suspect pulled out a knife at Manchester Victoria Station at around 9pm on New Year's Eve and launched at bystanders.

They are now treating the incident as a terror attack.

On Wednesday, a 25-year-old man was arrested in relation to the incident. Two knives were found at the scene by police and a property in the Cheetham Hill area, in inner Manchester, has been searched.

Eyewitness Sam Clack was on a platform at the railway station waiting for a tram when he saw the attack that wounded three people, including a police officer.

"I just heard this most blood curdling scream and looked down the platform," said Clack, a 38-year-old BBC producer.

"What it looked like was a guy in his 60s with a woman of similar age and another guy all dressed in black.

"It looked like they were having a fight but she was screaming in this blood curdling way.

"I saw police in high-viz come towards him.

"He came towards me. I looked down and saw he had a kitchen knife with a black handle with a good, 12-inch blade.

"It was just fear, pure fear."

Image: Twitter/Lilian Chan.

Clack, who was on his way to catch a tram home, said police officers used a Taser and pepper spray before "six or seven" officers jumped on the man.

Clack said as the suspect was held down, he said: "As long as you keep bombing other countries this sort of s*** is going to keep happening."

He said it looked like both the man in his 60s and the woman with him had been stabbed but both were conscious and were walked to a waiting ambulance.

Clark said he heard the knifeman shouting, "Allah" during the attack

He added: "He shouted it before, he shouted it during it -- Allah."

As police appeared "within seconds" the knife-man backed down the platform towards where he was standing alone.

"I thought what I need to do is jump onto the tracks because next thing he's going to do is turn around and stab me. He's looking about, side to side and jumpy.

"At one point one of the police officers fired the Taser but it missed him. "Then he got pepper sprayed and tasered and he want to the ground.

"It was scary. I have never been so scared in my life."

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Featured Image: Twitter/Sam Clack.