Iran TV Boss Sacked Over Showing Uncensored Jackie Chan Sex Scene

The boss of a regional television station in Iran has reportedly been sacked after airing a Jackie Chan film with an uncensored sex scene. 

Viewers on Kish Island, an island off the southern coast of Iran, pointed out the scene on social media showing the actor having sex with a woman in the 2009 film Shinjuku Incident, according to local media.

This goes against very strict censorship laws in the Middle Eastern country that bar men and women from even shaking hands on screen.

Image: Jackie Chan in the 2009 film Shinjuku Incident. Image: AAP

News agency ISNA, run by university students, reported the clips of "immoral" scenes apparently shown by broadcaster Kish IRIB "are in total contradiction with the principles of IRIB and ultimately led to the dismissal and reprimand of some of the employees of IRIB in Kish".

This included the station's director-general.

The Tasnim news agency reported Aliasgari Ali Askari, the head of IRIB, had ordered an investigation into the slip, vowing to "seriously deal with the offenders and report them to relevant authorities".

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IRIB, or the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, is the Iranian media corporation that controls a majority of domestic radio and television services in the country.

Censorship of Iranian cinema is also said to remove unveiled women, close ups of women's faces or necklines and "tender words or jokes" between men and women.

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Featured image: AAP