Man Injured In Boat Explosion After Checking For Gas Leak With Open Flame

A man in New Zealand who used a match to try and locate a gas leak suffered severe burns when his boat exploded.

The Coastguard Northern Region was responding to a call about a gas explosion on Thursday afternoon, when they found a man, believed to be in his 60s, suffering burns to his hands and face.

Volunteers from two coastguard teams administered first aid before he was airlifted to Auckland City Hospital by a Westpac Rescue chopper, while they helped his wife take control of their vessel.

Facebook (Westpac Rescue- Aukland)

Intensive care paramedic Chris Deacon told the New Zealand Herald, the man was recovering well with "mostly superficial wounds", after he jumped immediately into the water after the explosion.

"He smelt gas and confirmed that there was gas by lighting a match," Deacon said.

"Which is a very tried and true method of finding gas. Unfortunately, it is not a very good method."

Deacon told the paper, that the man had lost his eyebrows, eyelashes and quite a bit of hair.

The Coastguard took to social media to remind people to take necessary precautions when checking if their gear is in good condition.

"Check the entire system for ANY indication of a leak, such as smell or hiss," it said, adding it was a good idea to test using soapy water which will bubble where gas escapes.

"NEVER use a match, flame or plain water to test for a leak."

Featured Image: Facebook (Westpac Rescue- Aukland)