Child Killer Convicted For Attempting To Decapitate Dementia Sufferer

Stephen Leonard has been convicted of attempting to murder a 57-year-old dementia sufferer in a "frenzied attack".

Fay Mills, 60 was left for dead after being stabbed after an argument with Leonard about gardening equipment in Peterborough, UK, in June.

Mills' injuries to her neck were so severe police thought she was dead, Detective Inspector Lucy Thomson from  Cambridgeshire Constabulary said.

Fay Mills. Image: SWNS

“When officers arrived at Mrs Mills’ home they believed she was dead due to the substantial injuries she had sustained," she said in a statement.

“She was a frail and vulnerable woman who was attacked at home by someone she considered a friend and her life has changed irreparably due to her extensive injuries.

The attack, described by police as "frenzied" left Mills, who suffers from dementia, asthma and has had a series of strokes, with "life-changing injuries".

He was found guilty of attempted murder earlier this month.

Stephen Leonard.. Image: SWNS

However, after this conviction, it was revealed by the BBC Leonard was convicted of the rape and murder of three-year-old Lorraine Holt in 1979.

A then-17-year-old Leonard, who was related to Holt by marriage, found the girl crying in the snow after she had wandered away from her house.

He gave her lollies and took her to a nearby vicarage, where he raped her and then stabbed her 39 times.

He was sentenced to life in jail, but served just 23 years for the crime, and was released in 2002, when he changed his surname to Leonard from Chafer.

Lorraine Holt. Image: Family Handout

In 2013, he was arrested for arson and sent back to jail, where he was released in 2017 on parole.

Lorraine's father, Jim Holt, told the BBC the Parole Board's decision to release Leonard a second time in 2017 was unbelievable.

"I knew he was out and knew at the back of my mind he would re-offend," Holt said.

"Then I hear from the police and he's back inside for arson and I'm like 'so you've had him twice and you've let him go?'.

Because all of this has happened it's brought all of [Lorraine's death] back, not just to me, but to the whole of my family."

Feature Image: Supplied/ SWNS