Drug Smugglers Arrested After High-Speed Water Chase

Through salty waves and nautical winds, three alleged drug smugglers sped away from the law.

In their high-powered vessel, they flew over the waves at Sabinillas Beach in Malaga, southern Spain.

Initially, they were out in front and looked like having a real chance at getting away from the authorities.

But, in their determination to catch the suspected criminals, Spanish police called in their heftiest reinforcements.

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With a helicopter and a speedboat of their own, the police chased down the criminals. While the helicopter hovered above the smuggler's vessel, the police speedboat circled them in the water.

The helicopter chased the high-speed boat. Image: Spanish Civil Guard Handout

It seemed all hope was lost for the criminals, but regardless of their perilous circumstances, they made one last-ditch effort for freedom.

They boldly sped towards the shore.

The police helicopter and speedboat promptly followed.

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The criminals landed at the beach and threw themselves out of the boat. They started running, but soon, it was all over.

Police detained the three suspected drug smugglers on land. They were two Moroccans and one Spanish national.

Authorities also found a whole shipment of hashish on board the criminal's boat.

Featured Image: Spanish Civil Guard Handout. 

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