His Wife Died While Watching Him Perform

Graphic footage of the moment the tsunami crashed into the stage while the band Seventeen performed went viral in the aftermath.

Riefian Fajarsyah, the lead vocalist, was the only surviving member of the band after they were hit by five-metre waves while performing on Sunday.

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He took to Instagram in the hours after the tsunami searching for his wife, Dylan Sahara, who was reportedly swept away as she watched her husband performed.

However, a day later, Fajarsyah posted that his wife had not survived.

"Unfortunately, God brings us together, God also separates us," he said on Monday.

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Sahara was buried on Tuesday, and Fajarsyah posted a video on Instagram of her funeral and old photos of the couple.

One shot in the video shows Fajarsyah travelling in a van with his wife's coffin, and wearing white to match her.

"You like it the most if we use a couple's colour clothes," he posted.

"Here I use a white shirt to make you uniform with you."

Fajarsyah also posted a photo on Tuesday, asking his followers to send in photos of Dylan and himself as the tsunami washed away their phones stored with their photos.

"My cellphone is gone because of tsunami, Dylan's cellphone is washed away with water, please help our friends who have photos of the Dylan, please send it to me through DM," he said.

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The other members of the band, Windu Andi Darmawan, M. Awal 'Bani' Purbani and Herman Sikumbang were all killed in the tsunami.

The death toll stands at 429, with 154 still missing.