WATCH: Trump Accused Of 'Ruining Christmas' For 7-Year-Old

It was the night before Christmas, when Trump likely ruined the magic of Santa for one young child forever.

The President and First Lady Melania Trump were in the White House on Christmas Eve, taking calls about Santa from children around the country.

Every Christmas Eve, the North American Aerospace Defence Command in Colorado Springs, Colorado, claims to track Santa Claus' flight across the globe, a tradition dating to 1955, when a department store printed the phone number of a NORAD colonel in a Christmas newspaper ad by mistake.

It was in the middle of a phone call, reportedly with a young seven-year-old, that the President asked the caller: "are you still a believer in Santa?"

"'Cause at seven it's marginal right," Trump added.

Of course the Twittersphere exploded with backlash at the conversation, with many claiming his comment suggested to the young child that Santa Claus is not real.

Many accused him of ruining the Christmas magic for the seven-year-old after The Daily Beast shared the video online.

The Trumps also asked the children about whether they were excited for the holidays, what presents they were getting and how they were spending the day with their families.

Earlier the President took to Twitter to suggest he was feeling lonely during the festive season, after announcing he was cancelling his trip to Florida because of the government shutdown.

It's capped off a bitter few weeks of dispute between Trump and Democrats in Congress, over their refusal to fund his border wall between Mexico and the United States.

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The NORAD calls were the first time Trump has been seen in public since the shutdown began.

NORAD said on Friday it would continue the tradition in the event of a shutdown, adding in a tweet that military personnel would be supported by 1500 volunteers.

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Asked by reporters if any progress had been made on government funding talks, Trump said there was nothing to report.

"Nothing new," Trump said. "We need border security."

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