German Horse-Drawn Carriage Chaos: Collision Injures 20 People

Twenty people have been injured, two seriously, in a collision of two horse-drawn carriages during a Christmas Day outing in Germany.

The DPA news agency quoted police in southern Bavaria as saying the two carriages, each with 10 passengers, were approaching a rail crossing single file when the first carriage halted.

The second carriage did not stop and overturned during the collision.

One man had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter.

The crash injured 20 people. Image: AAP.

DPA said the driver of one of the carriages was also seriously hurt during Tuesday's accident.

The other 18 injured people included children.

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They all suffered less serious or minor injuries and were attended by 35 medical personnel.

Police in the community of Pfronten were investigating on suspicion of negligence causing bodily injury.