'Poor Me': Donald Trump's Lonely Christmas Tweet

"I am all alone," the President tweeted.

Most of us use our social media during the festive season to show off our wonderful Christmas feasts, presents and share snaps with our friends and family.

But Donald Trump has taken a different approach and it's clear he's not feeling the Christmas cheer at all.

The U.S. President tweeted that he is spending the most wonderful time of the year alone in his Oval Office.

"I am all alone (poor me) in the White House," the President said on Monday.

Trump is blaming the Democrats for apparently leaving him out of the Christmas spirit.

He said he is waiting for the Democrats "to return" and strike a deal over the fierce border wall dispute, which saw the President shut down parts of the government last week.

"At some point the Democrats not wanting to make a deal will cost our Country more money than the Border Wall we are all talking about," Trump said.

But some Twitter users have called out the President for his tweet, claiming he was the one who pushed for the shutdown in the first place, after Congress refused to fund his $5 billion demand for wall funding.

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The admission came during  a heated exchange between Trump and House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer earlier this month.

"I am proud to shut down the government for border security," Trump said in the televised meeting.

"I'm not going to blame you for it," the President told Schumer.

"The last time you shut it down it didn't work. I will take the mantle of shutting it down."

Trump took to twitter again this weekend claiming he had just given out a contract for 185 kilometre section of the wall.

The government shutdown is expected to last past Christmas, and could extend into early next year, according to Trump's Chief of Staff.

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Featured Image: Twitter (realDonaldTrump)