Coal Village Cover-Up: Russian Authorities Paint Polluted Snow White

A real sneaky cover-up, literally. 

Officials in the coal-mining Siberian region of Kemerovov attempted to conceal the real effects of pollution by painting some of the snow white.

Authorities reportedly wanted to hide evidence of soot and ash in the snow that are trademarks of air pollution.

But the scheme was uncovered when locals discovered paint had been used on large blocks of snow in the centre of the Russian town Mysky.

The woman in the footage has what looks like white paint on her hands. Image: Youtube/NK-TV.COM

Footage published by local media on Monday shows two people touching the snow. When they removed their hands they had a sticky, paint-like substance on their hands.

“You can see the stains... It even sticks,” one of the women in the video said according to The Moscow Times.

The women claimed the paint was sticky. Image: Youtube/NK-TV.COM

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The Mayor of Mysky said in a statement on Wednesday that he had found those responsible and told them to remove the paint.

It is not clear if those responsible were town officials or other citizens.

Featured Image: Youtube/NK-TV.COM

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