George H.W. Bush Sponsored A Filipino Child Secretly For 10 Years

A charity has revealed former US president George H.W. Bush funded the education and meals for a Filipino child. 

Bush sponsored the child under the pseudonym 'George Walker' so no one knew who he really was. The name 'George Walker' was a combination of his first and third names.

The boy, Timothy, only learned of his mentor's identity when he left the scheme at age 17 according to the charity, Compassion International. Bush had sponsored Timothy for more than 10 years and provided money for his education and food.

The charity revealed the secret, along with some letters exchanged between Timothy and Bush with the Colorado Springs Gazette and in an interview with CNN.

Bush was sponsoring a child in secret for 10 years. Image: Getty Images.

"Dear Timothy, I want to be your new pen pal," Bush wrote in his first letter in 2002.

"I am an old man, 77-years-old, but I love kids; and though we have not met I love you already."

"I live in Texas -- I will write you from time to time -- Good Luck."

The charity told CNN Bush wanted to use a fake name to protect the child who might be targeted if it became known he was corresponding with a former US president.

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Bush's first letter to Timothy. Image: Compassion International

But, Bush didn't write to Timothy without leaving a few clues about his real identity.

"Timothy, have you ever heard of the White House?" Bush probed in one of his letters.

"That's where the president of the USA lives. I got to go to the White House at Christmas time. Here is a little booklet that I got at the White House in Washington."

An image of Timothy as a young boy with some of the letters between Bush and himself. Image: Compassion International

It is also believed Bush's family had no idea about his sponsorship arrangement until a couple of years ago.

George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States, passed away aged 94 in early December. The former World War Two veteran was farewelled at a state funeral, where his son and 43rd US president George W. Bush revealed his final words were " I love you, too".

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Featured Image: Getty Images/ Compassion International.