Engineer's Glitter Bomb Revenge On Package Thieves

Sick of having you packages stolen off your front porch? This guy has the solution.

Mark Rober created the 'Glitter Bomb Package' after having a package stolen from his front porch.

"About seven months ago I noticed a package that had been reported as delivered had never arrived," he said.

Security camera's on Rober's huse captured a couple taking the package, but even with the footage, police told him it wasn't worth their time and effort to investigate.

So the engineer and YouTuber took justice into his own hands, creating a box that explodes in glitter when opened.

The box took six months to be build and Rober, who was part of the team that built the Mars Rover, enlisted the help of a friend.

The build took so long because it wasn't simply a matter of just having a springloaded glitter bomb, Rober wanted to record every moment of it.

Inside the box were four cameras filming the unknowing victim's every move, and the 'accelerometre', that checked its GPS when jostled to see if the package has been moved.

Image: YouTube/ Mark Rober

The accelerometre then sent a signal to the phones to begin filming.

A small cup held the glitter that was powered by a motor to start spinning when activated.

Also nestled inside was a can of 'fart spray' to add an extra insult to injury in case the glitter wasn't enough.

Image: YouTube/ Mark Rober

After putting the package on the front porch, Rober then followed the GPS signal after being notified it had been taken.

He recovered the box in a local carpark and took it home to watch the footage, and it was understandably... sparkly.

It was the first of many people that were caught, and Rober ends his video with a montage of five people being attacked by glitter and the horrendous odour of farts.

This victim wasn't too impressed. Image: YouTube/ Mark Rober

After each victim, the overwhelming stench of the spray, which was released every 30 seconds, meant the package was quickly dumped for Rober to retrieve.

"The moral of this story is don't steal other people's stuff," he said.