Yemeni Mother Granted Travel Ban Waiver To See Dying Son

The mother of a dying two-year-old boy in the United State's has been granted a waiver to the travel ban in order to be by his side.

Abdullah Hassan, two, who was born with the brain disease hypomyelination, was recently placed on life support in his California hospital. But his mother, Shaima Swileh, a Yemeni woman currently living in Egypt, was unable to be by his side due to the Trump administration travel ban.

Swileh has now reportedly been granted a waiver, with Basim Elkarra, director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, telling CNN that Swileh will be on the first available flight.

Abdullah has just days to live. Photo: CBS News.

"Unfortunately, even in this win, it's still a loss, but at least she'll come and be able to mourn with dignity and see her son get buried and bring some closure to all the pain," Elkarra said.

"We just hope that she can make it in time and see her son in his last hours."

Swileh hasn't seen her son since October 1, when his father, Ali Hassan, flew with him to the States for treatment.

"Right now, he can't breathe, and his eyes are literally shutting down for almost two weeks already, and all you can see is the life support giving him air, that's it," he told CBS.

He said his wife "starts crying and crying every single day. She wants to be next to her son."

California Democratic Representative Barbara Lee, who said she was working to reunite the mother and son "before it's too late", denounced the travel ban as "inhumane and un-American."

Swileh's flight -- which could take more than 20 hours -- will be paid for by a fundraising effort, Elkarra said.

Money raised will also pay for Abdullah's funeral.

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Lead photo: CBS