Convicted Animal-Killer Sentenced To Watch 'Bambi' In Prison

A man who illegally poached hundreds of deer has been ordered to watch Disney's film 'Bambi' at least once a month during his year-long jail term. 

David Berry Jr from Missouri in the US was convicted of illegally slaughtering hundreds of deer in what is reportedly one of the biggest poaching cases in the state's history.

Berry was arrested in August this year, along with two other family members for killing the deer and hacking their heads from their bodies. The trio would then take the heads with them from the killing scene and leave the animal's bodies to rot.

It took month for state authorities to track down David Berry Jr, his father David Berry Sr and his brother Kyle and arrest them for the crimes.

David Berry Jr. Image: Lawrence County Sheriff's Office.

The total number of deer killed or taken illegally is unknown, but Berry Jr did plead guilty to the charges.

On top of his one-year jail sentence, Judge Robert George ordered Berry Jr to watch the 1942 Disney animation 'Bambi' at least once a month during his time in jail.

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The film shows a hunter killing the mother of little deer Bambi.

The scene where Bambi's mum is shot by a hunter is widely considered to be one of the most traumatic scenes in children's movies. Photo: Disney.

Both Berry and his father also had their hunting licences revoked for life by the Missouri Conservation Commission.

Featured Image: Getty Images/ Disney.

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