Adele, Marcus Mumford Join Grenfell Fire Survivors To Demand Change

British celebrities have joined Grenfell Tower survivors to call on the government to make national changes to building safety laws.

There are still 441 buildings in the U.K. covered in the highly-flammable cladding allegedly responsible for fuelling the Grenfell apartment block inferno in 2017, where 72 people died.

Grenfell United, an organisation set up in the wake of the tragedy to support grieving families, released a video calling on the British government to ban the cladding. Stars such as Adele, Stormzy and Marcus Mumford feature in the clip.

"This isn't a charity film, this is a clarity film," Stormzy said in the video.

Adele, who visited the survivors in the days after the fire, voiced the black and white video that draws in the heartbreaking stories of those who survived the fire.

"We are not asking for money, we are not asking for sympathy, we are demanding change."

The survivors of the tragedy name the family and friends they lost, and relive their own tales of survival.

"I escaped through thick, toxic smoke," said one man.

"I was in a coma for two weeks," a little girl said.

"Forever in our hearts." Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons remembers those lost in the fire. Image: Grenfell United/ Youtube

The video calls out politicians for not enacting changes to building regulations, potentially leaving thousands at risk of suffering the same fate as those in the Grenfell Tower.

"Politicians can't just let this fade away and leave everything to stay the same," said British rapper Akala.

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"Never forget Grenfell." Stormzy calls on politicians to change building regulations. Image: Grenfell United/ Youtube

Grenfell United also campaign for justice for the 72 lives lost, and for the safety of those living in social housing to be considered first.

"Because we have to know how the people we trusted to protect us, let this happen," one survivor said.

"It's too late for our loved ones, but it's not too late for yours," said another.

Seventy-two people were killed in the fire at Grenfell Tower on June 14, 2017. Source: AAP

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Phase one of the Grenfell Inquiry finished this week, and is expected to resume next year.

Feature Image: Grenfell United/ Youtube / Getty Images