Women Deliver Dolls To Dementia Patients To Remind Them Of The Joy Of Parenting

For those living with dementia, life can be overwhelming and confusing. 

Often those with the disease need to move into aged care homes when they lose the ability to care for themselves.

A charity called Pearl's Memory Dolls aims to make this transition a little smoother by giving people in aged care homes baby dolls or stuffed toys to trigger memories of happiness from earlier in their lives.

For many, holding a doll and caring for it reminds patients of a time when they cared for their own children. Often they feel an instant connection with the dolls.

Image: Pearl's Memory Dolls.

The organisation also gives stuffed animals, like dogs for example, to people who might have once owned a pet.

When they come into contact with a doll or a toy animal, many people Pearl's works with are overcome with emotion. Many cry, while others are excited and almost all of them smile joyfully.

Sandy Cambron founded Pearl's Memory Babies when her mother-in-law died from Alzheimer disease.  She said on her company's website that she aims to enrich the lives of people living with dementia.

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"It seems to rekindle something inside their memories and hearts for many of them, and can calm them," Cambron wrote.

Pearl's Memory Babies operated solely on donations and relies on public generosity to purchase new dolls and toys for those living with dementia.

Featured Image: Pearl's Memory Dolls. 

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