Christmas Market Shooting: Four Dead, At Least 11 Critically Injured In Strasbourg

A gunman is currently exchanging fire with police after a shooting near a Christmas market in Strasbourg on the French-German border.

French Police said they have identified the gunman at the centre of the incident who they say was involved in a gunfire exchange.

Authorities have confirmed the 29-year-old suspect was known to them before the incident. He is reportedly known to French authorities under the Fiche 'S' classification --  the class given to those considered the most serious threat to national security.

Just 12 hours before the market shooting, police raided the gunman's home where they found grenades and other weapons, but the 29-year-old manage to escape.

The Christmas market shooting, in which four people were killed and at least 11 others were critically injured, occurred close to one of the markets in one of the city's central squares, Place Kléber.

The gunman fled the scene soon after the shooting.

Four people have died in the shooting. Image: Getty Images.
Police armed with guns took over the market area. Image: Getty Images.

Police have locked down the street and  the surrounding areas and the French Interior Ministry has instructed the public to remain indoors. They have also declared a "serous security event" in the city centre as they searched for the perpetrator.

As people were evacuated from the Christmas market vicinity, police armed with guns took over the areas.

Emergency worker rushes to the aid of the injured. Image: Getty Images.

Local journalist Bruno Poussard tweeted that there had been a dozen shots fired at Place Kléber at around 7.55 pm.

The area has been cordoned off, trams have stopped while patrons in bars and restaurants have been ordered to stay inside. People in the Neudorf and Etoile Park areas have been instructed to stay where they are.

Security services have also locked down the European Parliament, according to Member Siegfried Muresan. Staff have been ordered to remain inside the building.

France remains on high alert after a series of attacks commissioned by Islamic States militants since 2015.

The motive for the shooting is not clear.

The attack occurred at the Strasbourg Christmas market. Image: Getty Images.

Featured Image: Getty Images.

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