Egyptian Authorities Investigate 'Nude Pyramid Photo Shoot'

Egypt is looking into a video that appears to show a couple climbing the ancient icon and posing for a photo while completely naked.

The apparent incident sparked outrage in the conservative Muslim country and authorities are currently investigating whether the video is real and how it's possible to climb the structure that stands 140 metres tall.

Scaling the ancient wonder is "strictly forbidden" Khaled al-Anani the Egyptian antiquities minister told local media. He also called the alleged video "a violation of public morality".

The minister also told Egyptian parliament on Sunday that prosecutors were investigating whether the Danish tourists "really filmed an explicit pornographic video".

The Danish pair appear to pose on top of one of the pyramids at Giza. Image: Youtube/Andreas Hvid.

The three-minute video was posted to Youtube by Danish photographer Andreas Hvid and shows a women with her face blurred. The pair appear to climb the ancient structure at night.

The video shows the woman climbing what the man says is the tallest pyramid at Giza. A photo of the pair posing next to each other on top of the pyramid is also included. One of the final shots in the video shows the woman appearing to remove her top and posing in her underwear on the structure.

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Reaction to the stunt has been widely condemned as inappropriate by people in Egypt and around the world. The video attracted attention on social media late last week, with many saying the video is disrespectful to Egyptian culture and history.

Images of the couple appearing to have sex on the monument have also been posted to social media.

The investigation into the alleged incident is continuing.

Featured Image: Youtube/ Andreas Hvid. 

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