Teacher Arrested After Cutting Student's Hair While Singing National Anthem

A high school science teacher has been arrested for forcibly cutting a student's hair while singing the US national anthem.

A high school science teacher in Visalia was arrested for forcibly cutting a student’s hair while singing the Star-Spangled Banner.

Police said Margaret Gienszinger is facing several charges after video surfaced  showing the 52-year-old cutting the student’s hair in Visalia, south-east of San Francisco.

Image: Tulare County Sheriff's Department

Attorney Mark Vogt, who is representing the student, said his client was terrified.

“He couldn’t believe what was happening. He frankly didn’t know what to do, and he thought to himself, me or anybody else, she’s coming for someone else,” Vogt said.

“In the video, of course, we see that later, but he was absolutely terrified.”

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Gienszinger walked out of jail on Friday, two days after she was arrested.

School officials say she will not be returning to her classroom.