Little Boy Meets The Queen, Drops To The Floor And Crawls Away

One minute, his parents were introducing him to Her Majesty, the next minute he was gone.

A meeting with the Queen was a little too overwhelming for one young boy at a royal charity opening in central London.

The Queen was visiting Coram, the UK's oldest children's charity, to open a national centre for children, named in her honour.

Dressed in a dapper suit, the boy and his parents, David and Carrie Grant, were among those attending when his nerves seemed to get the best of him.

Image: Still via AP

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"This is our adopted son," said his mother, before he dropped to the floor,  and crawled through her legs. And then he was off.

"Bye!" he shouted cheekily from the other corner of the room, with a slightly more confident wave.

Queen Elizabeth II and Shylah Gordon-Clarke, aged 8, during Her Majestry's visit to Coram. Image: AAP

The Queen Elizabeth II Centre is dedicated to promoting children's rights at Coram's historical site.

The opening celebrated the 350-year anniversary of charity founder Thomas Coran's birth. Coram campaigned for 17 years to set up the foundation's first home to care for vulnerable children.

Featured image: via AP