'It's Real Me': Nigerian President Says No, He Hasn't Been Replaced By Clone

Phew, right?

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has put to bed circulating rumours that he had died and been replaced by a Sudanese impostor or clone.

"Context," we hear you ask.

Last year Buhari spent five months in Britain being treated for an undisclosed illness.

Following his absence, the theory he was replaced by a Sudanese lookalike called Jubril, or even cloned, made its way around social media.

But finally, Buhari has put his 100-percent-not-cloned foot down on that matter.

"It's real me, I assure you. I will soon celebrate my 76th birthday and I will still go strong," he told a town hall session in Poland, where he was attending the COP24 climate conference.

"A lot of people hoped that I died during my ill health."

The president said those who had spread the rumours were "ignorant and irreligious."

The presidency even circulated the comments in an email entitled "It's Real Me, President Buhari Responds to Cloning Allegation".

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Evidence behind the theory is largely non-existent, but videos on YouTube and Facebook making the claim have been viewed thousands of times.

In May, Nigerian diplomat Habibu Almu was found stabbed to death in the Sudanese capital.

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A Sudanese woman of Nigerian origin was arrested, Nigeria's foreign ministry said, and police said the killing didn't appear to be politically motivated.

Conspiracy theorists, who really do seem to love a good impostor story, are convinced the murder was linked to a cover-up of Buhair's "death."