Guy Asks Girl To Wear Black On First Date, Takes Her To Funeral

There was a lot of anticipation.

He'd asked her to wear a black dress for their first date, after all.

"I was like Oo romantic," Twitter user @itsssraych's friend said as she recounted the Tinder date she'd just returned from.

"Chatting in the car it's going swell, until we turn and I'm like this is a weird place," her friend said.

She had been taken to a crematorium.

Image: Twitter/@itsssraych

Nope, he wasn't out of petrol.

They'd just arrived at his grandmother's funeral.

Image: Twitter/@itsssraych

This absolute trooper of a woman stayed with a complete stranger to console him as he mourned the loss of his grandmother.

Yes, she stayed for the whole service.

Image: Twitter/@itsssraych

Turns out the guy's girlfriend had left him a few weeks earlier, so when he said he "needed" someone to attend the funeral with him, part of that was for comfort and the other part was to avoid questioning from his family about his recent breakup.

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Image: Twitter/@itsssraych

In this crazy first date story, there is one thing that's certain.

While romance maybe not be dead, this poor bloke's grandmother surely is.

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