Man's Case To Become 20 Years Younger Rejected By Court

What goes up but doesn't come down? 

The answer is age, despite one Dutchman's greatest efforts.

Emile Ratelband, 69, made a bid to legally change his age so he would be 20 years younger on paper. We wanted become younger to avoid what he called 'discrimination'.

Ratelbrand claimed he was discriminated by possible employers and dating app Tinder because of his age.

"When I'm on Tinder and it says I'm 69, I don't get an answer. When I'm 49, with the face I have, I will be in a luxurious position," Ratelbrand told the BBC.

"We live in a time when you can change your name and change your gender. Why can't I decide my own age?"

Ratelbrand cannot legally change his age. Image: Getty Images.

Regardless of his best efforts, a court ruled there was no legal basis for him to change his age. It ruled that often legal and social rights are based on a person's age and changing it could have all sorts of "undesirable legal and societal implications".

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"Mr Ratelband is at liberty to feel 20 years younger than his real age and to act accordingly," the judges said.

The judges also said if they allowed him to get younger legally, that could open the door for people becoming legally older, and therefore accessing the right to vote or marry earlier.

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