German Chancellor Caught Using Cheat Sheet For Scott Morrison Meeting

Angela Merkel has seen so many prime ministers, she needed a quick refresher in her meeting with Scott Morrison

Since German Chancellor Merkel first started as leader in 2005, Australia has gone through seven different prime ministers.

So it's little surprise she was caught using a cheat sheet to identify just who's who at the top of Australian politics. 

The pair met at the G20 summit in Argentina, and photographers caught her quickly flipping through a booklet as they sat down for a media op in front of the cameras.

Angela Merkel is finally confident she knows who Scott Morrison is. (Image AAP)

But Merkel is not the only one to have been confused by the chopping and changing at Parliament House.

US President Donald Trump reportedly asked Morrison what had happened to former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and the new PM had to explain how our parliamentary system allows leaders to be simply voted out by their colleagues.

Merkel checks her notes as she sits down with Morrison (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

"Well they have their inquiries and when you describe the parliamentary system, it’s a foreign system to presidential systems, but it’s readily understood," Morrison said.

"We just ran through what the events were there."

Morrison went to Argentina hoping to use the G20 summit as an opportunity to improve trade agreements with powers such as the US and China.

Merkel does seem to have some people on her side though, with some Aussies also struggling to keep up.