Trump Wanders Off Again, Leaves Argentinian President Confused At G20

Welcome to another instalment of Donald Trump Wanders Off Confused: G20 Edition.

The Argentinian president was left solo on stage at the G20 Summit, when Donald Trump walked off during what was meant to be an on-stage photo opportunity.

After shaking hands and pausing for a few photos , Trump promptly turned from President Mauricio Macri and wandered off.

Video of the encounter shows Macri unsuccessfully gesturing to his US counterpart to stay on stage, before an aide rushes past to flag down Trump.

The two leaders were meant to stay on stage for a big old group photo with other world leaders.

And look, there's a chance no one told him about the plan, or he just plain forgot, but this is by no means the first time Trump has seemed a little lost in front of the cameras.

During a press conference in Israel last year, he did the same thing to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Staff had to retrieve Trump after he stood up from his chair, and left Netanyahu awkwardly in the lurch waiting to pose for photos.

A few months later, the president managed to miss the motorcade waiting for him as he got off Air Force One.

Though the car was waiting at the bottom of the plane's stairs, Trump didn't seem to register he was meant to get in it. After wandering away from the vehicle and out onto the tarmac, a staff member had to direct him back.

One of the first instances of a forgetful Trump is arguably also the best.

While attending a signing ceremony at the White House for his own executive order to dismantle Obamacare, Trump tried to walk away without actually signing anything.

After shaking hands and soaking up the congratulations from healthcare executives who had attended to witness the signing, Vice President Mike Pence reached out to remind the President of his signature was still MIA.

“I’m only signing it because it costs nothing,” Trump joked as he walked back to the signing table.

Finally, when he isn't wandering off from photo ops, cars or signings, Trump managed to find himself wandering aimlessly.

While in Poland in 2017, he delivered a speech while standing safely behind bullet proof glass. When he was finished and the music struck up, he strolled out from behind the barrier, picked a seemingly random spot on the stage and stood there. Just chilling, smiling and looking around while his Secret Service seems a bit confused too.

So, it's nothing personal, Macri.