Oh Baby! Snarling Trump Blimp Soars At Argentina G20

Clutching a phone and wearing a nappy, the Donald Trump baby blimp is floating in Argentina, where the world’s most powerful leaders are meeting for the G20 Summit.

“If nothing else it raises the issue of why the leader of the United States acts like a baby and spends most of his time on twitter,” said Robert Kennedy, from the People’s Motorcade Resistance.

The group of US-based activists were so impressed with the original baby blimp which debuted in London in July, they set up a crowdfunding page.

The campaign was incredibly popular and raised US$24,000, six times more than it needed, in just three days allowing for the group to buy six balloons.

The Trump blimp in Argentina (Image: Phoebe Bowden)

Kennedy hopes the sextuplet set of Baby Trump Blimps will encourage political discussions across the United States.

“Hopefully a dialogue about maturity, I’d like to see a bit more mature leadership from our Government," he said.

Kennedy also said it is time for Prime Ministers, Princes and Presidents of other nations to hit back at Trump.

“I hope that they turn their backs on him. I think he has been shown to act very uncooperative with them and I hope that he gets them to act a little bit more mature.”

Argentinians eagerly watched as the balloon was inflated outside the National Congress in Buenos Aires, where locals will rally this weekend.

Federico Moreno from the Worker’s Socialist Movement is helping organize a march through the streets, which he called “the counter summit to the G20.”

The blimp being inflated in Argentina (Image: Phoebe Bowden)

Moreno is angry the Argentinian Government is spending money on hosting the summit, while people struggle to find work.

“It is a tremendous waste of money. Completely useless," he said.

“They are shutting down the whole city for two days and no one can work in the center of the city, so they can have this fancy dinner.”

Military personnel and 22,000 police have been deployed to ensure protests do not turn violent over the weekend.